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John Lim
John Lim

John Lim has over 25 years of investment management and consulting experience covering manufacturing and financial services industries in Asia, US, South America and Australia.

Currently as Executive Partner at Challenger Financial Services UK, John focuses on investments with transformative and strong cross-border potential. His interests are in FinTech, Energy Harvesting IoT and Genomics.

John has a personal interest in process optimisation and he has co-authored some articles that were published in the European Journal of Operations Research.

Malikkhan Kotadia
Malikkhan Kotadia

Malik is a senior global banker, FinTech expert, Futurist, thought leader and acclaimed author. In his 18 year long career, he has managed global roles in leading Multinational banks, run billion dollar businesses in different markets and driven key innovations in the FS industry.

Malik is a passionate Digital evangelist and a sought-after speaker at FinTech & Emerging Tech events across APAC, and has addressed over 2000 industry professionals.

He is a mentor and advisor to leading Digital Accelerators in APAC and exciting global start-ups across FinTech, IOT, Analytics and EduTech.

Malik is also an acclaimed author with global readership. His first book- The New Ages- deals with the ideas and ideals for a new world.

Malik is also a passionate community builder and change catalyst. He has nearly half million Facebook followers and runs one of the largest wellness communities on Social media.

Steve Shipley
Steve Shipley

Mr Shipley is a corporate consultant, well known for successfully structuring and delivering major transformation and change programs. He has started and built four successful professional services businesses during his career. He now writes and creates online training videos for Udemy on the technology to help authors become more independent while providing executive advisory services overseeing several major banking transformation initiatives.

Mr. Shipley has worked internationally in over 40 countries, diverse cultural, multi-religious, multi-ethnic environments and cultures. He is a specialist in developing corporate and project governance models to ensure successful program execution, oversight and compliance in demanding situations. He now advises Financial Services clients and vendors on challenging transformation and innovation initiatives.

Mr Shipley was on the Board of Directors for HopeStreet until their recent successful acquisition by Baptist Care. He has previously been CIO/COO of a fast growing Gulf Bank, a Senior Partner for KPMG and has held executive and global leadership roles for IT vendors EMC, SAP, EDS and IBM.



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